Bike stuff for sale

Purging my storage room…help me out.

Alex TD17 29er front, disk

Generic Alloy Front Wheel, Disk ready 29er

CST Pro Cultivator Tires 700x32, lightly used
$20.00 for both

If that 26" rear wheel is still available I’ll take it for my buddy. The one on the rear of his Rocky Mountain has pretty much had it.

Waiting on a reply for the 26" wheel. Will let you know as soon as I can.

I have a 26" rear wheel I can part with if Mike’s goes. No cassette though. Tubeless, disc only… Bontrager Race Lite, IIRC. Can take a 9-speed cassette for sure.

@riderx, you gave me the wheel. I don’t know who it is supposed to go to though. Lol.

is the 26" wheel with cassette still avail?

wanted to check the 700x32 if it fits my giant tri. For the tacx trainer tire are they really scallop?

Nope, the wheel is gone.

The trainer tire is 700x23c. Should fit most tri bikes. Scallop?

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i mean whats the conditin of the tacx tire?

It’s been used maybe a dozen times…max.

Trainer Tire is spoken for.

you mean sold?


darnit. thanks mike