Bike suggestions

The kid is ready to move up from his 24inch MEC Mountain bike which has served him well.
As much as we’d both be stoked on a Transition ripcord-it’s just not in the cards. Looking for any good suggestions for the next step Hardtail for a minimum height of 5 feet-which he should easily reach and likely go beyond this summer.
There’s a few 26ers around but thinking 27.5 might be the way to go?
Also If there’s anything anyone is looking to sell you think might work, let me know.

My daughter will have a small black Devinci Jackson XP 27.5 for sale this Spring once her new rig arrives.

It’s in good shape, she’s been riding MRWA, Bowater and Whopper on it. I’ll be posting it here in a few months.


Cool, will definitely keep an eye out for that, if I don’t pull the trigger on something sooner!

We’ll have a size small 2017 Felt Surplus with 27.5 x 3.0 tires and 1x drivetrain available, as soon as @TamBan gets her new bike in. Seems we’re not the only ones waiting for stock! :grin:

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My son went from a 24” MEC bike to a 27.5” Specialized Pitch. I wouldn’t bother looking at 26ers. The tire selection is limited but also, with my son anyway, I noticed a huge jump in his confidence moving up to the bigger wheels.

I haven’t gotten around to posting it anywhere yet but his size small Pitch will be up for sale soon. It’s a 2016 but I put a new (albeit entry level) fork on it in 2019 and converted it to a 1x.


Awesome, let me know if any of these bikes are up for sale!

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If I were to sell any of my 26" wheeled bikes they’d come with a life supply of tires, ha ha. I thought about selling a few but figured who would want to pay real money for a 26" wheeled bike. They’re just hanging and waiting for the time to donate a part to a bike we are still riding.

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How did u find the mec bikes? My young fellas prob gonna have his 20" outgrown by spring. Kids like a weed

@DEBO excellent bang for your buck! Unfortunately they’re no longer making them, but I’m sure there’s plenty of used ones around.