Bike Test Rides

Hey all,

Been riding for about two seasons now, and really starting to get a feel for the type of riding I want to do. There’s nothing wrong with my current bike, it’s had a few upgrades and absolutely does the job; but I hopped on @IanM_MTB’s Middlechild and quite like it, despite it being two sizes too big for me.

So I’m looking for anyone with a Small frame in a rowdy, playful bike like the RSD Middlechild, Chromag Samurai / Wideangle, Marin SQ, etc. Slack head tube, short chainstays, and able to run 27.5"+ tires (29" feels like it would be a bit much at my size). These brands are my front-runners, but if you have a playful hardtail that loves catching air as much as cruising over janky trail, I’d love to hear about it.

Just hoping for the opportunity to throw a leg over something more suitably sized before I click “buy”.



What are you riding now, @TamBan?
I don’t have one for you, but Norco’s got a long history of rowdy bikes for BC north shore. What about Norco Fluid HT - they have a women’s version too.


I’m on a Felt Surplus right now (size small). Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll check out the fluid. I’m not concerned about finding a women’s specific model, if the size and geo feels good, I’ll be happy. :slight_smile: