Bike Travel Bags

I’m at a point in my online shopping for a bike travel bag (27.5 mtb) where I’ve conceded that I’m going to have to bite the bullet and pay a lot for one of these suckers. But before I do, I figured I’d reach out and inquire about possibly renting one, or buying second hand. If anyone has any info they can share that can help me in my quest, let me know.

1)Maybe there’s something reasonably priced in the buy and sell on pink bike?
2) in the past I’ve just gone to the LBS, they’re usually more than happy to give you a cardboard bike shipping box. I think for an extra 5-10bucks Cyclesmith will give you a “packing kit” with all the zip ties,frame pads, dropout spacers, wheel protectors, etc you might need. I find these are usually pretty good for a few trips. Bring a roll of duct tape to reinforce as needed and shore up any internal vulnerable spots with socks/underwear.
3) depending how often you travel/for how many days renting a bike at your destination might be similar cost without the hassle of lugging a bike bag around/paying exorbitant airline fees. Also no worries about getting your own bike stolen and/or mangled. Plus trying out different bikes is always cool.

Just my two cents


Cyclesmith rents various types. And sells them too. Usually has a good inventory of a few different types.


I think mec rents them.

I have an EVOC XL bike bag, fits my large frame fat bike. I’d be willing to rent it out to help recover the cost of original purchase; as long as you’re not traveling at the same time as me. :wink:



What do you charge? I am travelling Sep 5 to Sep 14 and thinking of taking my bike?

Bike Monkey was renting them the last time I asked.

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End of the day, you can turn a bike box into a really good air travel transport method with a bit of patience and time. Tonnes of videos on how to make them bombproof.

Your biggest issue now would be finding one in stock most likely.