Bikemas Photos

Thought it would be neat to see what people got that was bike related for Christmas. For me the big item was some new Rubber and Carbide!


Nice! Are those surly’s you studded yourself? Grip studs?

@Drgonzo I wasn’t the one that studded them but yes they are.

I got new flats. Been wanting them for awhile


Nice :stuck_out_tongue: Looks like they have a nice thin profile too :smiley:

I got a stand which should make doing bike maintenance much much easier:

Also got an XT (i-spec) shifter to replace the semi-broken SLX shifter that was on my bike, new saddle, chain, and brake pads.

I picked up some snowshoes as well for something to do over the winter. Still waiting for some snow to try them out though…


Nice… I reallly need to get myself a stand >.<

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