Biking Fundy Trail

Eric and I were in Saint John over the weekend and biked the Fundy Trail on Saturday. Eric suggested we take the shuttle up to the top and ride back down to his vehicle. It was great! Groomed trails for pedestrians and bikers and a few nail-biting downhills. I did get down all of them. We did have a few climbs and the last one was unreal. I caved and walked up, but Eric rode up this hill … slow and steady. He is awesome! The Queen of the Climb wasn’t doing very well and conceded her crown to the King. On our way home to Halifax yesterday, we stopped into Victoria Park to do some singletrack at the top, nor far from the reservoir. We did a couple of loops of singletrack that brought us out to the pump track where there were a few fellas biking the pump track. We were heading back to the vehicle when Eric found a steep ditch to ride down into and up the other side. He suggested I do it … and I did. He did take pictures on his cell phone but I’m just a blur … but it is me. It was an awesome weekend.