Biking Joke


I’m thinking this is more of a cyclist and non-cyclist joke than gender based.

So true. I’ve been with my wife long enough though that she would probably guess it had something to do with the bike. The grease under my fingernails at the restaurant might give it away too.

heh–I’ve been in a rotten mood since I cracked my Yeti. I’m sending this to my wife to make sure she fully understands. :wink:

(I’m in a better mood now that they’ve warrantied it)

Lol, I did the same @brightwhite!

When I realized my fork was damaged I was in a funk. (still am) While explaining the issue to Anitra, she interrupted me and said “just f’king buy it”.

I think she is learning that no one gets peace when my bike is broken.


The solution really is to have multiple bikes… that way you always have one to ride while repairing the other!


Agreed! (says the person with 9 bikes)

Jeff, get ready, she must be planning a trip to Europe with some girlfriends. I’ll be interested to know how that fork works out. it was one of the top runners on my want list while i was looking.

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Yeah @wayners, that’s was what I was thinking.