Hey can someone help me out? i went to the range trails, and i dont know where to go to find the mtb trail.
I seen someone on a dirt bike at the entrance by the gate off the side of the highway and i asked them where the mtb trail was and i followed the road all the way too the power station at the bottom of the hill and the guy told me too go left so i did but looks like its all dirtbike trail. And to the right i also saw a trail but it went uphill and im not sure if that was the right way too go


Here’s a trail map to help you out:

Most of the good stuff is not far from the entrance. The route you took would take you to the back end which isn’t ridden as much. There’s a small but good jump park to the right about 80m from the gate. There’s some nice MTB trails to the left when you get near the open area, about 150m from the gate.


If you’ve got a Smartphone, you can use the Trailforks app to help you navigate.

Basically, if you climb the muddy dirt road (“main trail” on Trailforks) that is on the left as you go in past the gate, near the top there are trails that go in on either side, and you can follow them down.

However, I’d stay off the trails though until they dry out… which looking at the weather forecast, could be a while…