Bleeding trouble

The brakes on Sues Yeti, XT M775 suddenly lost all power last winter. Suspecting that there was a busted line I put it on the stand and began the fix. I found no hole, so suspected a stuck caliper.
Not the problem either. I began the bleeding process and put about 500ml’s of oil through the system before getting any quality pressure. I still could not get them perfect. I could get a hard stop with three pumps of the lever. I tried all the tips for removing air I could find.
Finally, I decided to take off the caliper and unhook the line and start at the beginning. It worked, not long after putting it back together, I got a large mass of white foamy fluid to come out of the line. End result is good braking now.
Has anyone else had issues with XT brakes like this, or is this a one off? Also, any ideas as to why this may have happened to the brakes in the first place?

I upgraded the brakes on my Anthem to XT’s early last season and they have been flawless. They’ve required no maintenance, other than the occasional adjustment when swapping rims. In fact they’ve been so good that I replaced the troublesome Avids that came on my Reign with another set of XT’s this year.

First I’ve ever heard of that one!