Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area

I didn’t make the meeting but from what was in the Metro today it doesn’t sound remotely promising at all.

“Bikers aren’t part of the plan because there has never been ‘traditional use’ of bikes in the area behind Masawaka where the majority of the trails will be created.” - Bob McDonald of the HNWTA

I’m not sure what he considers ‘traditional use’ but the only reason that the trails by the paddling club off of Kearney Lake Road are not really used for biking is because they are built as hiking trails and not easily ridden from my experience.

Someone should call them out on that crap on facebook site.

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The article is here:
…Public weighs in on Blue Mountain trail project…

That is typical old, boring, conservative, unimaginative thinking right there.

I did my first mtb race ever at Kearney Lake. We used to ride there back in the day. It was tough and technical, but I liked it. We called it “Carnage Lake” because of all the wrecked bike and body parts.

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What it really comes down to is that there isn’t anyone on the BMCL Trails Group committee who is interested in pushing for mtb trails. They’re coming at this development from the viewpoint of retired people, science and conservation groups. Traditionally none of those group’s views bode well for mtb.

They’ve been working on this for a long time now, but maybe if BNS got involved heavily enough things might change. @Coaster2?

@JeffV maybe someone should post a link to this thread as a comment on the HNWT Facebook post about this


Good idea @bent6543.

Today is the last day for the survey

If you haven’t, Fill it out, enter mountain bike trails in every box you can. Say you want to go everywhere on the map and access from every location. They won’t hange their minds allow mtb later if the plan is developed for hiking only.


If you missed filling out the survey or if you want to drive the point home, there appears to be quite a bit of mountain bike related feedback being posted on the [Halifax North West Trails Facebook page][1],

Maybe this place is already a lost cause but they released an announcement that their draft trail plan has been submitted to NSE and DNR and after approval they will be releasing the plan and holding second open house mid May.

A Summary Document of the survey/public consultations that were done in November has just been released. Page 14 specifically addresses all of the mountain biking feedback they received.

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Way to go MTBers, lost of great comments were included in there.

Indeed. Proportionately the report devotes more space to mountain biking than any other topic. Kudos to everyone who filled out the survey and attended the public meetings.

I’m really happy to see this. I was concerned that the responses by myself and others might be ignored or marginalized. Great to see that’s not the case!

Well that is certainly promising.

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Proposed Trail Plan for Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area

I only got to this part so far:

“Mountain biking, which occurs(without authorization)inthe wilderness area in some areas,requires NS Environment (NSE) approval and a separate planning process (whichwas beyond the scope of this project).”

Did anyone go to this? I meant to, but forgot about it. Any useful discussion? How much mountain biker turnout? Any more comments on the trail plan? Is anyone following up with NSE?

Here’s some more consultations:
A public presentation on the facilitator’s report will be provided on Monday, June 20, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. at the Future Inns Aspin/Birch Room, 30 Fairfax Drive, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Check out Appendix III (page 27) of the facilitator’s report (PDF) to see the potential fate of (the already destroyed part of) Whopper and Evil Birch.