BNS call out for Road commissaires

Bicycle Nova Scotia is looking for a few good people to become road commissaires. If you are passionate about road riding/racing or just want to be more involved with the cycling community this is the perfect opportunity. BNS is shipping in an instructor for a weekend TBD in March or April. We need a couple people to volunteer for the training so we can pin down the dates. Courses would be 9-5 Sat and Sun. BNS would take care of the cost of the course. For those of you who don’t know commissaires get paid to officiate at the races. Not a bad gig, and BNS is taking steps to make it even more appealing for commissaires to be involved. If you or anyone you know is interested in getting involved or want more information you can e-mail me at

If you are interested in becoming a Road Commissaire or a Team Manager, want to organize a race, or are involved with the management of a cycling club, then you may want to consider taking a Road Commissaire course.

The weekend course will be taught by National Commissaire Bradley Day. You will be introduced to the rules of the sport and how to effectively apply them in a race situation. This knowledge is useful for anyone who:
• Races competitively
• Organizes road events
• Manages a team
• Helps run a club
• Coaches riders
• Is a parent of a developing rider
• Wants to become an official
Clubs who have trained officials in their membership can benefit immensely – both from a financial perspective but also from a knowledge base!