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I’ve been asked by Bicycle Nova Scotia to send to them the number of BNS member and non member who participate on the weekly rides. So…are you a member of BNS?[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2]

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And also show up at the rides?


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Not (yet) a BNS member.

Don’t you have to be a member to go on a club ride?

I thought you could be a member of a club without being a member of BNS?

As an associate club it is not necessary to be a club member. Only if you want to be covered by the insurance.

We have never pushed the issue as we want as many people out as possible. BNS is certainly doing a lot of great things we strongly encourage being a member on some level. However we want to spread the awesomeness of biking in general thus not forcing the membership status.

That is true from what I understand as well.

And the BNS club insurance issues are going to be much easier this year, from the rumour I am hearing. No more dedicated club route that is required to ride. Just second hand rumour though.

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It would be nice to have Irishman’s Rd. settled as well. We can’t do group rides there since the insurance does not specifically call out West Hants but instead covers Nova Scotia. (as I understand it)

The insurance issue there is not a BNS thing, rather the way the user agreement is written with West Hants. Last I spoke that is in the process of being resolved.

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Our insurance covered us throughout NS this year without having to name our route before hand as it was explained to me.

What I meant was, you either had to be a member of bns or an official member of a club to take part in an official club ride, you couldn’t just be random joe showing up for a ride. I think this may have changed recently. Anyway, what do I know, I never ride with people, thats why they(I) call me Ran Solo…

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I always wondered what would happen if random joe (like me) showed up…

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We actively encourage random joes to show up for our rides. Rules be damned.

Our aim is just to get folks out on their bikes and help grow the MTB community. Fees and memberships tend to have the opposite effect.


Ooh, don’t let the bns people hear you say that ha ha

Maybe it was just the road side then. Or maybe I’m out of touch these days. The latter is more likely.

It did change this year, but you are absolutely correct that in the past it was necessary to be part of a club.