BNS Membership 2020

Registration for 2020 BNS General Membership is now open.

$40 gets you AD&D insurance anytime you are riding a bike anywhere in Canada! It’s pretty amazing. In the past this was only provided to racers during BNS sanctioned events . Now it doesn’t matter as long as your on a bike, you can be commuting to work and be in a car accident or doing jumps and snap your handlebar.


Yeah, it’s actually a good deal. I wouldn’t have anything to do with bns if it wasn’t for this.

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That’s a pretty good deal. In Ontario I had to be a member of a club to join the Ontario Cycling Association, so my club membership and citizens permit (non-racing) was over $100. When I raced it was over $200 with my UCI para license. The insurance coverage we got through the OCA only extended to sanctioned club events and races.