BNS Racing news

For those who have been on the fence regarding trying out an XC race this year you are in luck. There is now a Citizens’ Class that will allow you a taste of the action, without the commitment to a full race schedule or the pressure to race against the top riders. Here’s more info:

  • This is an introductory category to try out provincial mountain bike XC events in the least competitive environment possible;
  • Open to all ages & abilities;
  • combined male and female;
  • It will give an opportunity for people to come out and experience the excellent race courses we have in the province without committing to a competitive category;
  • It will be a shorter distance than the Ability Bases Categories,
    typically about 45 minutes/one lap of the race course;
  • There will be podium for the top 3 finishers at the event, but the
    Citizens’ Open will not be tracked in the Nova Scotia Point Series.
  • Information regarding events can be found at


  • A One-Event Membership at a cost of $25 is needed for insurance
    purposes. This cost can be put towards a race license if a participant decides they would like to participate in more events.
  • A race plate: $5.00 (one time fee to obtain a plate)
  • Race Fee: $30 - of note these race fees are exceedingly low when compared to the average Canadian MTB event.

On the road side, the results will be kept up to date They will be update after each event so you can check how you and your fellow riders are doing.