Boost 29 Wheels

Anyone have any suggestions on a decent 29 boost wheel set? Any for sale?

Tired of having 12 pounds of wheels!

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I’ve got a set I picked up for my hardtail, but ended up not swapping much.

I’ll get some details tonight and I’ll message you, they could be for sale (probably sub 300 miles old)

Let me know.

Very keen on something lighter/better hubs than my stock wheels.

What drivetrain are you running? I have a set with Shimano hubs so they won’t work Sram 1x cassettes.

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Its shinano free hub body

I have a set made with XTR 9000 series hubs, DT Swiss XR361 rims and DT Swiss Super Comp spokes. They are pretty light. I think around 1600g.

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Think I’m going to go the sale option. Looking for something 30mm. I have a 29 2.6 and like the wide tires. Wheelset weighs 5.9 kg total though.