Bowater Caution

Heads up Bowater riders, the smooth brains are back at it.

I found this target today on Pipeline road. They were shooting across and almost parallel to the road from a dirt berm near the E-Money trailhead. There’s a pit with ATV trails behind the target. Incredibly dumb move.

Some of the road signs have been shot up over the past week. There’s three fresh deer carcasses dumped in the ditch up by the pit, so watch out for bears up there.


Ouf…not sure who to call on this one. There would be a few interested parties I’m sure.


The local Lands and Forestry office is the best place to start.


I think the rules surrounding fire arms during hunting season would surprise most people.

In what sense? I found taking the course that they were more restrictive than I imagined.

In this instance I do believe “Highway” can be taken to mean any road on public property. ("highway” means a public highway or public road and
includes the bridges thereon)
From the summary of hunting regulations:
No person shall at any time discharge any weapon:
• within or across the travelled portion of any highway, or within
30 m of the boundary of any highway;

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