Bridge Build

Looking for extra hands to help in setting the two trusses in place on the new Cob Creek bridge. We are meeting at the trailhead at 6pm this Thursday.
Bring your bike to get a ride in afterward if you want… I appreciate any help given.


ps… there will be some creek crossing on foot so wear appropriate footwear…

Hey Ken, did you get any volunteers? I’m tied up tomorrow evening but if it can wait for Friday evening I can lend a hand and probably bring a friend of mine with me.

All good… managed to rustle up 6 or 7 guys from the area.

I’ll post a pic of the progress hopefully tomorrow night… maybe 6 guys standing on a bridge or… a re-creation of the Tacoma bridge disaster…lol

Up and ready to be decked…

A huge thanx to Keegan, Cory, John G., John W. and Glynn for lending a hand!! :smiley:

Awesome Ken! Looks great… you certainly don’t do things half assed!

Wow…that’s a piece of work!!!

Hey Pat, great to hear from you… you should come out for a ride and check out the progress…