Brookvale Road Trip


Might be able to join in, depending on what day it is.


I would take a day off work for that.


Leave Halifax at the crack of dawn
Ride Brookvale
Go for lunch
Ride Bonshaw
Go for supper
Drive back to Halifax


You had me at crack.


I’d take a weekday off too if that works for everyone else. Also open to going on a weekend.


You guys are killing me. Would love to go, but not trail-riding approved yet. :face_with_head_bandage::mask:


I might be interested as well depending on when it happens. I might take the family to the camp ground up there for the weekend.


I like this idea…


Interested, but August /Sept are getting full.
This weekend I’m in Cape Breton
Next weekend is booked with local riding/training pre-vacation with SWMBO
Labour Day weekend through the 10th I’m away on vacation

Welp! Sept 16th? :scream:


I’m definitely interested if I’m not busy!


Interested…what day of the week?


Not sure. It goes round and round.

I was suggesting a week day because all my weekends are camping.


Weekends work best for me because I would try and bring the family over camping.


Let’s go!:grinning:


Im super game let me know when, I need that flowy bermy jump line in my life


Just came back from a ride there…awesome!


I’m interested in a week day after Labour Day…


Rode it last week - if I can fit my life around, I’m totally in.


It’s on!

Tuesday Aug 29th. Leaving Halifax around 7am and heading straight to Brookvale (ride sometime between 10-11). Then lunch and ride Bonshaw, then back home.

Should be at least six of us there for sure. We’ve got a full carload, but if you want to make the trip over too or happen to be in PEI anyway, let us know so we can hook up.


Too bad I just knew I had to bail. :frowning: Pm texted you @Rolls