Brookvale weekend conditions

Hey folks

We are heading to PEI on Saturday and looking to ride at Brookvale in the afternoon and Sunday morning. Anyone have a sense of what the trails will be like if the rain ends this evening like it’s supposed to?


Probably not too good, given those trails are all dirt and clay with no rock. You could try the Brookvale FB group for some local intel.

Thanks Derek

I figured there would be some local intel out there somewhere.

There is also a PEI mountain bikers group.

Brookvale FB group said come on over and bring the bikes. Less rain there this week and the trails actually shed water pretty well. Yay!

Awesome. Make sure you hit the new Coastline loop. It’s a blast.

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Conditions were pretty good. Wet leaves in some spots, but overall really good. Met up with some local riders who guided me through Dark Side. Coastline is awesome fun. This morning was too cold to head over for the hour we had to ride. Need to come back when it’s warmer and drier to do the whole system properly.