Brunello Expansion

This BNS post is a little light on details, but good news nonetheless. Perhaps @elleDEE or @TrailFlow have more info?



Look for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3km and change of new single track. Mostly intermediate trail with advanced sections. We (TrailFlow) were awarded the contact and approved to start building late fall, we were there building on a regular basis until the end of January.

Terrain wise, allot of the additions are on rock slabs. There will be a few fun rock rolls / drops. It’s a step up on the technical side of things when compared to what got put in on their first round of builds.

Sorry wasn’t able to talk about this until now. We had to keep this under wraps due to some funding announcement regulations. Like new bikes were were under an embargo haha.

I’ll post some pics soon.


Cool! Thanks Ryan.