Brunello Tour - July 11th

Calling out to all MTB Riders! Brunello is opening it’s skill and trails courses on the 11th from 6pm - 8pm!! Join us as we welcome this new addition to the MTB network of Nova Scotia!!

Some of the ECMTB ride leads will be there Thursday at 6:00 to check out the trails. Be sure to wear your ECMTB jersey to help show our support of these new trails. These trails are kid friendly too, so bring 'em if you got 'em!


Also please pay close attention to the guidelines and code of conduct in the link above. This is a private facility and we don’t want to jeopardize our access to it.


Yes. Very good point, @rolls.

Snipped it for convenience.

(There is also a disclaimer that biking can be dangerous, So read that too. :wink: )


  • Must register at The Golfshop prior to entering the Park
  • Must have proof of a valid Access Pass at all times while in the Park
  • Absolutely NO ACCESS to the Park when the Park is CLOSED
  • Check in with the Park Attendant prior to riding the jump lines
  • Helmets are mandatory at all times while riding the park. Other safety equipment is recommended
  • Your bike must be in good working order while in the Park
  • Park Attendants may close a jump line at their own discretion
  • Use designated walk ups to the top of the jump lines
  • No littering. Please use provided garbage/recycling
  • Be respectful to every rider and the surrounding golfers
  • In case of an emergency, follow directions from the Park Attendant
  • Have fun

Code of Conduct

  • Share the trails
  • Please be respectful of all trail users and resort guests
  • Keep dogs under control at all times & clean up after them
  • Alert other trail users as you approach from behind
  • When passing; slow down, be prepared to yield the trail, communicate — say hello and thank you
  • Pass safely — if there isn’t room, don’t do it
  • Stay on the right and pass on the left
  • Ride within your ability
  • Manage your speed
  • Use the trails at your own risk
  • Be considerate of the environment. Stay on designated trails and be respectful of plants and wildlife
  • Do not alter the trail
  • Ride don’t slide
  • Golf interaction — Please be respectful of golf patrons
  • Keep noise levels low when close to teeing-off golfers

According to Brunello the dates they provided in the pic above are not correct. The event is on Thursday July 11th only.

Also there is an entry fee of $5. FYI


Is there a dress code? Will the beer cart come through this area?


Might want to address that in the ECMTB Facebook post, same with Mountain Bike Halifax and Bicycle Nova Scotia all saying it’s also happening on Friday.

The link doesn’t appear to be working anymore. Or at least direct to the event info.

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@bent6543 I’ll wait til they make it official. In case they change their minds and go back to two days again. Lol

@TravisA assume they took it down to fix the dates.


This might be a ridiculous question - but how close are the trails to the golf? Hahaha I’m having visions of riding with rogue golf balls flying by :joy:


A good chunk of the trails are on or near the brown/dirt area on the upper part of the map.

Rogue golf balls could be a possibility in some spots, but I think that’s probably unlikely.

Adds to the extreme factor.


What a fun time!

Here is the only shot I took though. Zoe riding a tame section:

(It killed me to duck out on the post ride free beers and hot dogs too.)


Some bro-dawgs might say it takes balls to ride certain trail features🤪
Just make sure you’re helmet is multi-impact and your argyle is on point and you’ll be good to go!


Man, that was fun! A small area packed with short trails but such a blast to ride. Can’t wait to see what else they have in store.


When does it open for regular hours?


Saturday morning!

Do you get the access pass when you pay the $5

I assume so. Last night was free though. The staff at golf shop did seem to be briefed yet either.

Note that the $5 fee is for one hour of riding additional time is at $2.50/hr…plus a whole regiment of other fee possibilities. Seems over complicated to me.