Burntcoat Head Ocean Floor Ride


Stumbled on this, looks interesting.



Planning to take part in this. Anyone else up for it?


Just checked with @MichaelB and the event is free this year…accepting donations though towards the BBQ, etc. Their webpage needs to be updated.


I’m planning on going as well. Sounds like a fun ride, certainly something different.


@Rolls Where it is free this year, do they still want us to register before hand so they know what to expect for numbers or do we just show up?


@MichaelB said I could just register on site the morning of the event.


Going to try to make this. Right now my schedule has me getting home at 2am the night before.


Also despite the info on their website, the organizer said it’s not a race this year…just a big ol’ group ride on the ocean floor. Still sounds like fun though.


Also, according to a post on Facebook (which of course I can’t find again), the ride starts at 10AM, not 11AM.


Ride starts at 217 Burntcoat Road, not Burntcoat Head Park.


Not a huge turnout, but a great ride nonetheless. And those burgers!