Calling all bike wrenches! Pro and amateur!

I need a little favour, people. I was getting a few bikes geared up for a friend who runs the Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank back in the fall, and got about halfway done. Basically, they have Dept. Store write-offs that can easily be fixed, mixed and matched and whatnot. They have a good pile of them now, and I am looking for some recruits to help me go put the hurt on them sometime. If you have tools and a stand(s), that would be cool as well. They are located in a warehouse in Burnside, and I can do carpooling or whatever. It’s a no pay type thing, but it will make you fell all warm and mushy inside. They sell the bikes at thier store to help buy food. And now the season is really ramping up! If you can help out in any way, please drop me a PM or e-mail me at ASAP!!! Thanks folks!