Canada Day Ride

Thanx Mike, it was nice riding with you… today was my first double loop so I’m pretty stoked to still have energy after.

Planning an early morning ride at the Cobequid Rd Trails in Enfield @ 9AM. I realize that SpokeBender is going on this weekend but for the less competitive among us, I thought a pre Canada Day festivities ride would be a great way to start the day. If you need directions to the trail head just give a shout…

Btw, I’ll have tickets with me for the Trail Raffle in case anyone wants some.

Also, for those returning victorious from the races later in the day, if anyone is interested in checking out the trail, let me know and I can giv’r a second go.


Hey Ken,

I have never heard of these trails, what type of trails are they?? I am always looking for new places to ride.


video and more here:

Hey Chris, the trails are typical NS trails… ‘grunt, puff, wheeze… wheeeeee!’…

Basically a combination of double track and single track… they are a work in progress but the main loop is completely good to go (about 5 Km)

If you can, come check them out…

Thanks for the quick responses, I will check them out sometime!!

By the way Ken, I hope that quote about the trails doesn’t have a copyright, I am going to start using it LOL

I’ll be there.

Looking forward to showing you the trails Mike… got a couple of other positive replies but who knows who will end up showing…

Where should I meet you Ken?

Here’s a Google maps link… … 31699278e3

View Trailhead in a larger map

Too easy!

Thanks for the tour. I will be back without doubt.

This trail is typical of most Nova Scotian trails with some nice rock sections, roots and narrow singletrack. It needs more wheels to go over it to smooth out a couple of corners but overall very good natural trail. A lot of history back there as well.

It is well worth going for a ride and exploring these trails!