Cape Smokey - Mass Start Madness - Mar 19/22

Tickets available here.

When: Saturday, March 19, 2022 @ 4pm (on-site registration opens at 3pm)
Where: Destination Cape Smokey
Who: You love bikes and have the need for speed.

Riders under the age of 18 will require permission from a parent or guardian who is present at time of registration on site.

Format: This is a LeMans style mass start event. Riders will place their bikes in the bike start area. When the starter goes, competitors will blitz a short foot race type sprint to the bikes. This is where smooth transition from foot to bike will be key. Riders then blast their way down the chosen course in a no contact kamikaze style mass start run where there’s only one champion who crosses the line first. Anything can happen when ripping down 320m of elevation on a bike in the snow.

The race includes one run for all the glory to the finish line.

Cost: $44.99+HST (Adult), $19.99+HST (Children), $35.99+ HST (Student), $37.99+HST (Senior)
Includes race fee and Gondola ride, access to hiking/snowshoe trails, free cover charge for live music that evening and one Cape Smokey Pilsner to enjoy (must be 19+ non-alcoholic beverage option available)

Rules: This is a mass start bicycle event. Registration starts at 3:00 at the rental kiosk inside the lodge. Once registered, riders will then take the Atlantic Gondola to the top of the hill with their bike. Earlier registration means better start line position pick and better price if you register online vs in person. Every second will count.
Any kind of manually powered pedal bike with 2 or more wheels is permitted. It must have two functioning brakes. Studded tires are permitted, but not screw studs. Bicycles with screw type studs will not be permitted. Helmets and gloves required, goggles and body armor recommended.

NOTE: Riders who were registered and participated in the 2020 Fat Bikes and Beer Festival bike race receive complimentary admission. Please use the same email address used for your original registration. For your pre-registration – please do so online by email at with subject Mass Start Madness.

All Covid health regulations apply, and while on campus at Destination Cape Smokey, masks or appropriate face coverings must be worn properly at all times unless seated in the restaurant eating area.



I attended this is Jan 2020 and have the following notes:

  • drove up in an ABSOLUTE blizzard. I think the Causeway was closed after we went across. This new late March date should offer MUCH better travel weather.
  • Since it’s an afternoon start you could ski/snowboard all day and then hit the MSM DH event, kinda a 2-for-1 way to maximize your day.
  • there was no gondola when I was there. We rode up (actually 90% pushed up) but I’m uber excited to see this new gondola (the only one in Atl Can!)
  • you should take a designated driver. The lodge Apres activity is exactly what you would expect in Cape Breton. The bar’ll be gojng off, the band will have a Celidh (sp?) in full swing and you won’t wanna leave after one beer.
  • take a GoPro or at least your phone, the views from the summit of that mtn are OUTSTANDING.
  • make plans to recreate on Sunday too. Maybe go fatbiking at Keppoch on the way home? Maybe stay for another day of skiing at Cape Smokey? Maybe go pretend to ski til noon and then sit on the patio bar in the sun all day lol.

I went in 2020 and it was an absolute blast. Hike up wasn’t great, but never have I ever had as much fun on a ski hill as I did screaming down that hill on my bike. Was so worth the drive up. The fact that you can get some skiing in too just adds to the fun. And good to sipport these guys, they’re doing some really great stuff and have some great plans to make this a years round destination. A bike park is in the works for the next year or two, the more support the better!


I registered!! I mean… where else do you get ride a ski hill in Atlantic Canada!??

I’m a relatively new rider and did the ladies DH camp with BeRad last summer at poley.

Excited, wee bit terrified and willing to send it :wink:

Weeeeeeeeeee!!! Go easy on me on the mass start, k?


You will love it. If you can trail run it, you can mtb it. Will get you to Wentworth and/or Keppoch this summer too.

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I’ll be in CB that weekend and planning to attend. Anyone else heading up?

Highly recommend this.
I’m out of the country, otherwise I’d be there.

I’ll be doing the Friday practice runs between 2-3pm (likely closer to 3) if anyone wants to tag up and give me some encouragement / friendly peer coaching.