Cell tower at Spider Lake

Anyone riding at spider probably noticed the sign about a cell tower. If it goes through (passes public consultation stage) the construction will likely destroy part of Replicator. The exact location is apparently these coordinates:
44°44’42.6"N 63°32’54.2"W or 44.745167, -63.548389

Oh it will go through. No doubt about that. Businesses can go in there and trash the place, but trying to maintain a trail? Better watch yourself.


Is it possible for them to put the cell tower somewhere that doesn’t impact the existing trails? I’m not opposed to having a cell tower as most of them are innocuous - you might be surprised how many you go past without even realizing it. But there must be somewhere nearby to put it without harming the great trails!

The petition speaks to land value concerns. Does the cell tower help in the long run for MTB trails in the area?

Cell towers are everywhere by the way and the other end of the conversation is in your ear. I’m not concerned at all. More concerned about fire retardant in furniture really.

@IanM_MTB Roger’s (the cell tower company) certainly doesn’t care about the impact of their activities on unsanctioned trails.

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My only real concern is the trails. Id hate to see one of the few trails I am able to ride on (at my current skill level) trampled over. I am not worried about another cell tower popping up. If it is high enough, it would be a nice landmark.

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I can’t take the position seriously. It won’t affect us. Just an eyesore to the locals. The cords put the tower on Replicator. It’s a tired old trail at this point. Mostly due to increased erosion from the clear cutting. Worst case, we have to make a new line around a fence. Big deal.

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Easy there bud…


nothing but the truth, I seldom even ride the rep loop any more it’s in such poor shape

yeah it’s showing some age but I like the replicator :slight_smile:

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Agreed. I ride it nearly every time I go to Spider Lake even though it’s no where near the trail it used to be.

I ride it every time too. It’s a great way to start a ride. That uphill climb always wakes you up. At least it does for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, it was gnarly but a fun optional challenge.

you guys are all on crack. there is nothing I hate more than starting a ride by climbing steep tech before I get a chance to warm up.

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