Chain length


Just ordered a 34t oval ring for my eagle drivetrain and realized that the chain is at its stoke length that is for a 32t. In general what is the rule or thumb for adding links? Right now I’m thinking I will have to add 2 half links and use a quick link to connect them. Anyone have any experience with this?

You can’t add links to modern chains, no manufacturer recommends or condones doing this. The pins are peened in a modern chain once the pin is pushed through the peening is removed and will not hold the chain properly. This is especially true for 9, 10, 11 and 12 speed chains. Personally on 8s or less I would still do it the “old fashioned way” on my own bikes.

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I am not talking about adding links, it’s just breaking a chain and using the spare links that I already cut to add 2 links using sram quick link. I’m not pushing pins back though. Also, it’s an XX1 chain so I am doing everything I can to try and save it lol

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In my professional opinion give’r.