Chain reaction

Anybody ever have any issues getting standard shipping through crc? Says could pay duty if checked at the border.
Just wondering if anybody was dinged before

I’ve never had any issues.

I don’t think I’ve ever been charged and I’ve placed like 5 orders from crc

Right on. I put in the order. Fingers crossed i guess haha
Thanks guys

Always depends on what you spend. Under 60 never have been.

I’ve done over 100 and never have been charged

I found more often than not that I was paying tax plus the Canada Post $10 handling fee, although my orders are usually $100+, so I usually opt to pre-pay the tax and save the $10 fee. Last order I placed ($100+) I decided to take the gamble and see. Got hit with tax plus the $10 fee.

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Yeah I have been hit with duty before as well

I’ve got a wheel on the way. This is a first.

But they have some insane deals on wheels and wheelsets right now.

Im losing confidence now. Thanks alot GUYS! Lol just jk
Well i guess we wait and see. My order was just over $100.
Manged to get the new customer discount again anyways by convincing the GF to let me make her an account lol

If your order comes standard post there is a good chance you won’t. CRC has “upgraded” some of my orders to DHL courier and I’ve been dinged for every nickel.

If you get dinged, it should only be HST plus a roughly $10 Canada Post handling fee. No duty for most things.

I’ve had good luck getting most things under $100 in without any fees. For orders of more than $100, I prepay the fees and get faster shipping for less than total cost than if the order gets stopped.


I’ve only ordered from there once, ~$120 total, and didn’t get charged anything extra.

Has anybody here ever bought a bike from CRC? I’ve been eyeing the Vitus Escarpe and I’m tempted to pick one up.

Be aware that you will pay 13% duty + HST on a complete bike.

@Ghost I wasn’t aware of the extra duty on top of the HST. Thanks for the info! Too bad though. There’s some nice bikes available.

I’ve also been hit with duty before.

Instead of getting nailed with duty on a Vitus or Nukeproof from CRC, have a look at YT or Commencal, both of whom do direct sales from within Canada. I’ve had awesome support from Commencal on my Meta AM, plus no extra fees on purchase.


@brightwhite Good to hear. I certainly wouldn’t mind picking up a Jeffsy once funds become available for an upgrade.

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Cannyon is coming to Canada this fall. Wait for Cannyon…


I’ve gotten dinged 100% of the time I tried basic shipping. I gave up, and I just pick duty-paid now.