Challenge for 2015

I haven’t quite figured out all the details but I propose a challenge for 2015.

I say we start a group on Strava, make a somewhat realistic goal for mileage and as a group and try to reach it. Who’s interested? We should make it interesting with a party if we reach our goal. I’ll even spring for a keg of beer if we succeed.

So who’s in?

@JeffV - last: 1002; goal: 1200
@Maritimer - last: 3074; goal: 4000
@PepperJester - last: unknown; goal; 2000
@Rolls - last: 1517; goal: 1600
@adventurer - last:4330; goal: 5000
@bent6543 - Last: 800; goal: 1000
@Jetter - last: 850; goal: 1000
@Ghost - last: 1605; goal: 1800
@bignose - last: 500; goal: 750
@riderx - last: ???; goal: 2000
@Adam - last: 5485; goal 6000
@Rooster83 - last: 100; goal: 333
@bikegeek - last: 3600, goal: 7500

@AaronRow - last: ???; goal: ???


I’d contribute my 400-500 yearly offroad kms to the cause. Even if it is unlikely I would be able to make it out to celebrate with beer.

don’t worry I know someone who will drink your share.

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Im down never done this sort of thing but sounds like a great idea

I’m in. I typically do about 3000km a year, but it’s about half and half road and MTB. Are we counting all mileage, or just off-road?

I’ll go in. I don’t do many KMs but its a fine motivator.

So do we create a group and set a goal based on last year’s total? Like 110% of last year?

If we set a summertime checkpoint, we could party then.

My year to date is 950kms, Previous year was: 1150.

I’d say keep the combined total if strava can’t handle MTB only goals.

I just created the strava club:


Both road an MTB is fine with me. I’ll be doing both so both should count. We’ll have to account for the extra kms in our goal of course.

What do you guys think is a good goal? 10,000? An average road ride is longer distance wise than a mtb ride typically.

And yes, a summer party sounds like a fantastic idea!

We might want to see how many people join the challenge before we set the distance goal. Strava tracks hours as well as distance. That might be a good equalizer. I had 135 hours this year…although that might include trainer time last winter…

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I’m in. 1500 MTB kms this year. Hopefully more next year.

I was thinking we could start a wiki post to record the our last year kms and our individual goals. Then we can add up the totals for the group goal.

See top post, it is now editable by anyone…

I have no idea how much riding I did this year. I don’t typically track my rides. Maybe it’s time.

We I guess I’ll try 1000K as a starting point.

@riderx, @Rooster83, @Rolls, @bignose, @adventurer what is your last years kms and this year goal?

Did I miss anyone?

@darkmyth missed ya, what is your last year and goal for this year?