Challenge for 2015

I threw myself in there for 1000km for this year, I don’t always record my rides or edit out parts of rides. edit: I forgot that I wrote the approx km down for most of the year so I last year’s total is actually closer to 800km.

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Yea same goes for me I didn’t keep track what’s a good number to start off with I do put on miles since I bike to and from spider

I put myself down for 1800 km this year. I had 1605 km last year, but was under 100 km at the beginning of May. I plan to ride through the winter this year.


If you don’t know what last year’s kms were just guesstimate.

Added mine to the list. 850 official kms thru Strava (~1150km with commuting).

I recorded ~100km thru Strava on the road bike the past year, so I put ~750km on the mountain bike. I’m going to put my goal at 1000km for this year on the mountain bike, plus 250km commuting before they tear up the bike lanes on the bridge sometime in June.

Last year I did about 500. I’ll put 750 this year

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put me down for 1 km. no electronics on my rides.

I’m aiming for 2000 both road and mountain.

What’s the best tool for getting annual kms from Strava? I forgot to check year to date before the new year. What’s worse, I recorded a fair number of running km on there and don’t want to include that in the totals…

I’d say is your best bet for separating the data out. edit: It’s not free to sync all of your data only the last 25 activities.

OK, found

2014: 5485km (mostly road, some MTB, a few trainer rides)
2015 goal: 6000km (likewise)

Last year sad to say I did probably 100k this year I want to do 333 XD

What does XD mean?

I’ll join this cause. I use Runtastic’s biking version “mountainbike” on my phone but last year I only used it on a handful of my rides. I plan to try and use it most if not all rides this year and we’ll see how many KM I put on. Last year’s recorded total was 115 KM but I would estimate closer to 500 off road KM and another 100 or so road KM. I will set my goal for this year to be closer to 1000 since so far the Winter isn’t stopping me.


If you can export data from Runtastic’s site you should be able to upload it to Strava… at least according to

Do you need it loaded into Strava or can I just give you my total in a year?

We can collect the total from you. I think we are going to divide by two and have a party in the summer.