Chill Fitz ride

Hey gang,

My day of birth falls on Sunday November 3. With the promise of an extra hour in the day I have chosen to return to my birth place and celebrate on Fitz Mountain.
All are welcome. Plan to start the ride at 2 and ride at a chill pace to the top. Every rider for themselves on the way down.

Hey all,

Another reason to join Troy on this one: Open sunday: 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Gotta work…bummer

If you have not tried Uncle Leo’s beer yet the IPA is great. He is also selling his incubator “home brew” system if anyone is interested. Only $3500.
You can see it on their facebook page.

Ride still on? Or has the weather put a damper on things?

Waiting for a trail report from a Fitz elf. We are still planning on making the trip as of this moment, 07:42.

Also curious if this is going ahead…

Elf report:

“Weather is perfect for riding! Cool, no precipitation. Trails are good too. Leaf covered but pretty dry!”

Getting ready to hit the road. All systems go.

First timer… Where do we park/meet up?

Park in the parking lot for the ball field. It is located next to an old gas station.
I think better instructions can be found in the trails section of this site.
I’ll be in an orange Toyota matrix riding a white Kona.

Hope you had a good ride… the rain started at my place so I bailed and went for a short hike near home instead.

It was a great ride. You missed some of the best single track NS has to offer.