Cobequid Rd Trail Ride

The first official 2013 trail ride this Sunday. Meet at the trail head @ 10AM… PM me if you need directions.

Bring bug spray… I’ll have some for those that forget.

I’m going to miss this…poop!

I look forward to the next ride…maybe Tuesday evening weekly mountain bike ride?

Sounds good Mike… too bad you’ll miss Sunday though. Could you post it to some of your other channels? Thanx…

Just spent the day up on the trail making sure it was ready for Sunday/Tuesday. A couple of huge trees had fallen across the trail, which we cleared, and the drop in on Snake line was modified to increase speed and flow… here’s a quick video of our resident crash test volunteer giving it a go.

I like all of this!!! From the cleared trees…to the reduced fear factor on snakeline…to the academy award level production of the video!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tour of the great trail system. Lots of fun and flowy trails. See you Tuesday night.

Thanks again Ken…really enjoyed the ride this morning

Thanx to you guys for coming out… it was a great day for a ride!

Looking forward to the Tuesday night ride… :sunglasses:

Russel, post up some pics or vids if you please. :slight_smile:

So where is the trail…would like to join in Tuesday.

I think Mike is going to post directions in the Tuesday Ride thread… if not, I’ll throw up a map when I get home this afternoon.

Edit Oops… my bad. Just seen the directions were posted. Thanx Mike! :slight_smile: