Cobequid Trails Ride

Sounds good Spin, today would have been a stellar day for a ride but garden duties trumped.

I’m not on here on a regular basis so send me a Pm with your email and I will add you to the list when a ride is scheduled. Or you can check out our Facebook page


Getting together with a few folks to ride the Cobequid Trails this Friday at 10AM… come on out and check out these amazing trails.

Great ride today… thanx to all that came out!

How many did you have Ken?

There were six of us… with three newbee’s.

Cobequid Road, or Cobequid Mountain???

Part of the old Cobequid road and surrounding area just outside Enfield.

Where is Cobequid mountain?

It’s the mountain range that goes up past Parrsboro. Some good stuff up in there if you are in the area.

Is this spot you were at double track, single track or some sort of mix?

i thought the trails you were talking about were in the truro area (i.e. cobequid trail network). then there’s the cobequid eco-trails society in the earltown area. that’s a lot of trail networks with similar names.

there’s couple of videos on the cobequid trails project (enfield) facebook page. looks like it could be a fun trail. some of the singletrack looks pretty tight or is that just the camera angle?

Rally Kia, there is a mix of double track and single track… we are currently working on some bridges to access more trails but there is a pretty extensive network now. The xections we ride now comprise about 20% of the existing trails that are there… most are hiking only but some could be made rideable. That is why the community business donations and the fundraising raffle we are doing soon will get these trails the materials needed to make them the best they can be.

Bent, I didn’t know about the other two named trails… this trail system was previously known as Flight Path because it is directly under one of the approches to the airport. I renamed it after the historic Cobequid Rd that is the main trail.
The single track in that video is a trail called Snakeline and is tight in some areas but the lense angle makes it look worse I think.

I am sorry I missed this ride, I would like to get a tour if you are riding there anytime in the near future.