Coffee and Bikes make great company

We stopped there 2 weekends ago but at 8:30ish on a Saturday morning they were, sadly, closed. Hopefully next time through we’ll have better luck.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters owner Jim Dikaios oils customer’s bicycle chains while they sip his brew…
What a place!! Let’s see Tim’s do that.
Read more about this awesome shop and it’s evn more awesome owner.

I certainly enjoy thier blends

Yup, great coffee, great beer and great bikes are pretty much all you need to die happy.

Hey there - the Bike N Bean in Tantallon along the rails trails (the old rail station) has great Java and a good selection of biking equip. as well as onsite maintenence. a great stopping place along the way from HRM/ Timberlea heading to Hubbards.