Colla-beer-ation In New Brunswick

Pabst Blue Ribbon or Heineken?

One of my favourite beer brands made one of my favourite beers for one of my favourite trail parks.

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That’s beautiful, but at $9 a can, it would be a special occasion beer for sure!

A lot of stuff is expensive in NZ, it’s not unusual to pay $9 (c$8.20 CAD) for a craft beer. Salaries are significantly higher though.

Interesting. Is craft beer as much of a ‘thing’ in NZ as it is here in Canada?

We can’t forget that in NS we pay more for “craft beer” than most other provinces. At one point you could buy Propeller IPA cheaper at the LCBO in Ontario than you could direct from the brewery. 2 crows sent beer to BC and it was on shelves for the same price as it was here, and that was after it wash shipped clean across the country. But we only have our lovely Provincial Liquor Corporation to thank for the ridiculous pricing schemes and outrageous mark ups.


You wanna here a funny one. I work for VIA Rail. Last year they changed our supply chain. So on the Ocean we serve East coast craft beers from NS and NB. The kicker is we pick up the beer with the train transport it to Montreal for them to turn around and give it back to us to sell for $9.50 per tall boy. It’s a fucken joke. But someone in Montreal had an ingenious idea. Lol

This one’s a tasty brew, from Vallée Bras du Nord, Quebec.


Yep. I left NZ in 2003 to move to the UK and all you could generally buy was domestic brewed in a can beer, a few imports (Japanese and Dutch much) and a single small batch beer brewer that was brewing things similar to British ales.

By the time I returned in 2011 it had a huge foothold in supermarkets, restaurants and bars. By the time we left in 2019 it seemed every small town had a couple of craft breweries and the beer shelves in supermarkets would easily of had 33%-50% small independent brewers. Empty semi-industrial spaces were being turned into breweries. Garage Project, who did the Endo IPA, set up in an old Shell station in a valley where students live (also has a trailhead for an awesome trail system!).

It’s evolved again, now the earlier craft brands are selling out to large beer brewers (domestic and international) for huge amounts. A couple went for over $10M. Good brands have started to export to Australia and getting strong following there too!

My cousin started up a mail order craft beer company in Australia in 2009 out of a rental container. They were selling a selection of 60 mainly independent Australian and US beers. They’ve now got a store, warehouse and stock over 1,000 different beers from Australia, New Zealand and all over the world.

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