Coming Full Circle

Five years ago Randy Gray posted a video of Enid riding what we think is Kitchel trail at Kingdom Trails, Vermont. The video is entitled, “Enid is Pushing the Envelope” on YouTube. We laugh and enjoy this video every time we watch it and have incorporated the phrase “I’m pushing the envelope” into our biking vocabulary during our bike rides, if it applies. Well on June 29th and 30th we rode Kingdom Trails in Vermont. On June 30th, we rode Kitchel trail to end our biking adventure. It was such a blast and joy to ride that trail knowing that Enid, Randy and their group rode this very trail which birthed the “pushing the envelope” phrase that we love. I feel I have come full circle. When I joined the ECMTB website many years ago, I enjoyed watching these biking videos. Back then I didn’t know many female mountain bikers but saw Enid, in videos, riding various trails in HRM. I love biking with Eric on trails near and far and I truly cherish the relationships I’ve made through this hobby and the biking community we have here in Eastern Canada. BIKING ROCKS!


Sounds like you and @Rockhopper had another awesome adventure this year. Good stuff!

Ha, that’s awesome, glad you enjoy it!