Commuter racing

Well, drop a line once in a while. We both XC ski and snowshoe, so I’m sure you can join along sometime. Maybe even talk the wifey into coming along???

And in regards to short track. That’s neat. I wonder how many venues there could be. Be nice to have a winter series of some sort. A run what ya brung type thing.

OK. So I’m not sure if this is the topic to post this under, but…
I was at work yesterday and noticed our new location has a pretty good warehouse for go-karting. Which immediately prompted me to grab my 30 year old Sears road bike and ride around making motorcycle noises. Which was innocent enough at first. Keep in mind this oldie has flat bars, a rack and fenders nowadays. And it still had to get me home. Anywho, soon enough I was sweeping a course that had some tight sections, a big sweeper and a nice straight. Good enough that there was no coasting and some nice brake lines. After a while, it got me thinking.
How hard would it be to set up some sort of winter/indoor series open to flat bar road bikes? Like a little super-moto you pedal in or something? I’m sure all the couriers and fixie kids would love it. There are a crap load of warehouses around so I would hope you could get something on the go. Or maybe even try out the go-kart guys and see if they would let some people try it out. I slid around a few corners on both tires, and let me tell you, it was fun. I know it might be hard to insure and stuff, but I was just wondering if there was any sort of interest in it? Just like a fun way to spend a night riding, racing, and showing off your bike and your skills. Or in my case, a credible lack thereof. Just think of all the basements and stuff around! It’s more fun when you are scooting past concrete posts and pallets of junk than the open road. Just maybe pad some stuff up quickly. And broom that stuff up… slicks on polished concrete seem to disregard friction when the going gets dusty.
So, a flat bar road bike/MTB with slicks, a coffee machine, some pals. Does “warehousing” sound fun? Or " ‘housin’ "? We have a loft, er, I mean grandstands in our warehouse.

I say open it to any bike at all, and no spandex allowed :slight_smile:

But yeah, insurance would kill you. Keep it underground.

Aside: Most fixie kids don’t know how to ride a bike, its a fasion accessory to them.

This got me watching messanger races on youtube. Crazy…

You can get insurance as easily as any other race / event. Options would be anywhere from free to about $300.

Thanks Andrew. PS. How are ya!?!

I had a real hoot blasting around work. Anyone else ever do this? Imagine having a mall crit!!!

No one has done this before, but it’s not as far fetched as it sounds… not by a long shot. Basically it’s just shorttrack. The fact that it’s inside is immaterial.

I’m well thanks, but seemingly too busy. I’ve lost contact with just about everyone who isn’t on my AR team… only so many hours in the day man. Hopefully things’ll open up a bit in the winter so I can see some people again.