Commuting... A separate topic?

Not easily but I’ve got a how- to question in to their help people.

Just wondering if Paved Paradise is mostly roadies, mostly commuters or a good mix of both? I don’t know if there is enough need for a separate spot so people who talk vo2max and Campagnolo and leg shaving don’t have communication issues with the fendered rain-gear elastic pant strap crowd. Just a thought. Or, is there a fair overlap even??? HHMMMmmmm…

Also, found this little video interesting.

Also found this amazing. Bus hits a cyclist, looses control and spins 180 degrees. Check it out…

It ends OK.

I find that some big forums mis commiting and touring sections into just one. Since the touring one here is so quiet, maybe sue could just rename it to Touring/Commuting ?

er MIX, not mis

That’s a thought. I never even knew there was a touring one, really. Might try that out with the missus in the new year.

Originally there were far fewer forums on here - my thought was that it was better not to break things down into micro-forums, but rather to dedicate one to dirt, one to pavement, etc. Since then I’ve had several requests for more specialized categories, and in the spirit of what PedalTrout is all about, I’ve put them in.

Now I’m returning to the thought that less is more. The new specialized categories get no traffic and I think that having several divisions makes things look stale because in a lot of the categories there is nobody posting.

Thoughts? Should I maintain several cats or generalize again? I’m open!

Sue - I think since we are currently a small local forum, you make a great point. Is it easy to merge forums back together ? Or would it result in just killing the idles ones?

You 're right that you could probably get away with much less.



Plan a ride

Fixing stuff

Selling stuff…

or something… heck, makes no nevermind to me. :slight_smile:

Good call Sue. That would get more people chattin’ who might not usually do it as well.

I think it should be more general. Posting begets posting–kind of disheartening when the last post in a forum was a month ago. It seems like overkill to have 10 different forums, most with potential overlap. (ie. “adventure on 2 wheels” including discussion about winter trail riding while further down lies the “off-road” forum. I’d like to see it go back to a format similar to the old ecmtb: Mountain Biking (“from Shubie park to Whistler and everything in between”), Road Riding (“from winter commuting, to touring, to racing and everything in between”), Off-Topic/Life-style, Buy and Sell and an Events section.

Yeah. agreed. Even so, after reading this  you could have

Plan a Ride
Biking forum [who cares, even unicycles are welcome!]
Off topic


Does the social go software let you merge forums?