Concept bike idea : The buck (as in bang for)

As of now, the shifters and bar are gone. To a good cause though.

The front der. is a top pull. Both are in good shape. The pedals are alright. If it’s crazy rings, I have an Alivio crank as well. You can have it pro bono.

I had this “idea” one day while trying to help a friend buy a bike. Its pretty radical so hold on to your hats folks…

A huge trend on the bike blags and in NYC and that stuff is the Dutch bike. These bikes are pretty snazzy, but usually come off as being pretty expensive for people on a first time purchase and not yet addicted to bikes. That and while I’m sure they are fine for the city, I’m not sure they are totally well rounded for things like going off road occasionally and covering longer distances.

On the other side of the scale you have BSOs full of wacky non-working suspension, substandard parts, put together by Gladys from the lighting and plumbing department.

Soo, I once read that tongue n cheek - “The official commuting bike of north america is the… used mountain bike”. When I visualize this, I’m thinking early 90’s Specialized Rockhopper or something.

On to my point: Personally I think it would be very cool for a large bike manufacturer to build something that was a lot like the geometry of say a Surly Troll or the aforementioned 90’s Rockhopper.

Make the frame so it can take lots of racks and fenders. Allow it to accept a range of 26 inch tires from 1.5 inches up to 2.2 or something. Kit it out with Shimano Alivio or Deore or something (Sram x4). Make it out of steel or aluminum. Skinny tubes not huge ugly fat ones. Sell it with a range of handlebar options. Sell it with a rigid fork but make sure people understand that it can easily take a in expensive RockShox Dart fork or something. Put v-brakes on it, but make it disc compatible. Sell it for about 500 CAD (which right now… is $511usd, so lets just say $499 for everyone). Hell $399 would be fantastic but I’m reaching too far. Normal vertical drop outs, don’t cater to the fixie/singlespeed crew, they love spending money anyways.

Market it as an “everymans bike”, commuting , crushed gravel trails, etc.

Downside: no one would buy it. It wouldn’t have stupid looking suspension all over it, it wouldn’t have stupid stickers and most of all it would probably look pretty plain.

Upside: Price and versatility. I mentioned big bike manufacturer for volume on parts etc, and to lend their brand to help it sell. It would probably last for ever tho and be easy to repair and maintain.

Anyone know of bikes that already fit this bill? I’d be interested to hear peoples takes on it.

How about the Kona Bike? $449.

How about the Kona Bike? $449.

Yep, Kona already has it dialed. For even better mileage you can rock the Kona Dew.


Yep, that is a pretty sweet candidate for sure. And not nearly as ugly as sometthings that have been suggested to me in other forums where I asked the question.

Wow, just looked at that kona bike in detail. They pretty much nailed it. The 3 speed might be a bit limiting to upgraders, but still, good show.

This actually is what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. A rigid MTB with a simple 8 speed setup, decent front triple with a cartridge BB, disc ready/equipped, racks and fenders. Also makes a great adventure bike. People rave about internally geared hubs, but I don’t see it being economical in a continent where derailleurs still rule. That said, Alivio is just fine for the price. Also, some city bars are in order as well. I ride with a regular MTB riser bar on my MTB/commuter/adventure bike, but my wife’s has full-blown cruiser bars. Something in between would be spot on for most people.

My commuter/who-knows-where-I’m-going-to-end-up bike is a Norco Bushpilot with fenders, mudflap to keep my feet and drivetrain clean and unfrozen, spring loaded rack, light kit, good bell and now the original hybrid MTB tire it came with. They actually are great for what I do with it. I’ve rode slicks, Small Block Eights and studded winter tires. The MTB tires on it are not too fat, still grip alright in the woods on trails and when exploring and roll OK at their highest recommended pressure.

The wife’s commuter is an 18 year old Nishiki MTB that works quite well, although it now has a cartridge BB, decent hybrid cranks, and a few other more up to date goodies. Replased the troublesome threadless-post canti’s with newer canti’s that use far easier adjusted V-brake style pads and have adjusting screws on each side of the brake to make centering a breeze.

I think there are so many MTB commuters because the market is/was so flooded with them. The bonus is people have rugged commuters that get them into shape, and can take on almost any normal commute.

Well, I was thinking : Wouldn’t it be great if Specialized would re-release the 1995 rock hopper as “vintage” ? That ride would be sweet. Or the Trek 800 series.

On the handlebar front, I think I’m very close to putting a Surly Open Bar on my LHT, as well as Paul’s thumbies adapters for my bar end shifters and some mtn bike style brake levers with ergon handlegrips. Tired of leaning over like a chump :slight_smile:

I actually have something pretty close to what you’re talking about (not new of course). I went to a bike auction one time and found an old Specialized Hardrock with a dent in the top tube. It was getting to the end of the auction and most people had the bikes they wanted. This one came up - “$10? $10? Anyone?” My hand shot up. “Sold.”
I don’t ride it that much these days although my housemates have ridden it a lot. It’s fairly light and works great for commuting. It looks so-so. You don’t really want a really good bike for riding around downtown Halifax anyway - it’ll get stolen in a flash.

Someone just gave me a early 90’s TREK 800 series mountain bike. Win.

Noice! Need any vintage parts? I just stripped a 7spd. bike of that era. Cassette wheel, 7 spd Alivio, STX/RC hubs and brakes.

Pffff YES I do need vintage parts…

This has grip shifters that I want gone. The brakes are canti’s and almost shot etc… so yeah. lets talk parts.

Start asking what I gots…

STX/RC QR hubs, alloy rims of some sort, 7 spd cassette, Alivio der’s, shifters/levers, (combi’s), vee-brakes, alloy post, cage pedals, rigid chromo fork, steel stem and flat bars, (quill). Drop me a mssg or something if’n ya wants to.

Well, the rims I have right now at least seem true and in decentish shape… throw me together a price for this stuff and facebook it to me or something like that… I think it will go nicely. I’ll have to see if I can put new rings on the front of this, right now its all original and I have a feeeling pretty worn down.

  • shifter/levers
  • front/rear der (is the front top pull?)
  • cage pedals
  • the flat bar