Connected to My Road Bike

Let the good times roll!

Well, I am truly amazed … Friday night, Rockhopper helped me install my new clipless pedals on my road bike and install the cleats on my riding shoes. While we were in his livingroom, he instructed me as to how to clip into the pedals and held the bike while I tried it out with both pedals. He loosened the spring on the pedals so that I could detach from them easily. Then we tried them out with a short bike ride around the neighbourhood. Whoa … and I mean that in a good way! I unclipped with the left foot no problem but the right one wouldn’t unclip so I had to re-adjust my thinking regarding my stopping and dismounting process. When we got back to RH’s place, we discovered the cleat wasn’t tightened enough and not straight so it was hard to detech from the pedal. I can see that it will take a little getting used to but I felt comfortable with them. The bigger challenge was remembering how my shifters worked on my bike. I ride three different bikes and they all have different shifters (hee, hee). The amazing part is I have come so far in my biking skills and equipment. I have this “real road bike” that I will truly be “connected” to from now on. Biking Rocks!!