Cool video!

Caught this posted on the front page-

Finding Nova Scotia Secrets

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Awesome, I gotta find that trail. Someone mentioned a trail across the highway from Shubie.

@radchad, posted a dandy whopper video a while back. One of my favorite local videos.

I see he has added others too, sweet.

Thanks for sharing these Chad, keep up the good work!

there is a link to all my videos


Nice edit, pinkbike front page and all.

@JeffV the trail isn’t hard to find with a couple of mouse clicks.

I think I see it on strava. .5km loop?

What an odd place to build a trail.

Good spot if you want to keep it a secret.

Of course not uploading it to Strava or Garmin Connect is a good way to keep it secret too.

I guess it wasn’t posted…

Well, I’m glad the secret is out.