Corn Maze Ride - Sat November 9th

Let’s do this!

Heading to the corn maze Saturday evening. I know there has been some confusion in the day of the ride, but Saturday is the day.

I propose we leave Halifax about 5:45 and meet at the parking lot on the dykes and head in from there. Same location as the AVMBA corn maze ride for the meet location.

I’m also willing to share the drive up to the corn maze.

Make sure you charge your lights. You’ll need them.

What time do you think you’ll be at the dykes? I’d like to join in for a few laps.

I’m aiming for 7pm.

Cool. We’ll meet you at the bridge.

I’m still heading up after work. I have a full car, but I’m sure there’s a way to get drives sorted out if need be.