Cottage party 2022

Bon fire, riding bikes, bbq, fireworks? If you like any or all of these things you should join us at the 2022 cottage party.

We will aim for October 22nd. It is later than usual but the trails will still be awesome and the wood will still burn!

More info to come.


I will be ordering Fireworks within the next week and making sure there will be enough food for everyone.

We will be riding Irishman’s Road prior to the BBQ. The ride will happen in the afternoon with time TBD.

There will be 3 beds available along with a folding cot, and plenty of space for camping. If someone were so inclined to sleep on an air mattress there is plenty of floor space. Please let me know so I can ensure there are enough beds/pillows etc.

We are working on a few new twists to the party for this year, so stay tuned…

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