Coyotes... are you scared?

We started 100% of the problems.

All the media hype is driving me crazy. Ooohhhh… there are coyotes in the woods! Does anyone else think the stories and panic are a little over the top?

i think it’s over the top. they want to kill them off, but it’s garanteed that they won’t dent any populations. read eastern coyote by mike parker, some of the info is outdated, but it’s a good read.

If they really wanted to put a dent in the population it seems to me that birth control or spaying would be far more effective.

where we’ve been doing trailwork lately there’s a den somewhere’s at the bottom of the hill, we see all kinds of track and scat but yet to see them. i’d be more worried about mama bears coming out of hibernating than coyotes.

I’ve certainly had more close (and scary) encounters with bears than with coyotes. What really terrifies me is the thought that this could potentially lead to a bounty, meaning more traps and more guns all over the woods. Coyotes won’t scare me out of the forest but potentially drunken bounty hunters are a completely different story.

I have a machete and a hatchet on my belt whenever I hike the trails anyways. But even without those, I’m not very afraid of 'yotes. People freak me out moreso than critters.

Troy and I were snowshoeing one night when a squirrel literally ran over his foot. I think that the scream he emitted is one of the scariest things I’ve EVER witnessed in the wilderness.

Personally, I’m not very scared of them. But as the parent of a two year old, I do get worried that if I wasn’t around something bad would happen. Fortunatly, I’m a good parent, not a moron like you see on Dr Phil, so I’m around any time she’s out side. To add some validity to this, we live in Beaver Bank, aka “the woods”, not in doontoon halifax :slight_smile: ]

People Scare me more than coyotes.
There are Coyotes in the area of the Skull trail I have heard them at night.
as Spooky as that can be it dosen’t scare me as much as going to Preston.

I ran into a coyote on Skull one night. We scared each other pretty good!

The bounty is silly, and all parties including the hunters / trappers seem to say it will neither hurt the population nor cause incentive to hunt / trap them. The biologists are even saying that if the bounty did cause significant reduction then they coyotes will start breeding more causing an overall increase. It’s just one of those knee jerk things and I think the notion in general is quite embarrassing on Nova Scotians. It shows willing ignorance.

I figure you’ve got a greater chance of dying from an infected bug bite than you do a coyote attack. But don’t tell the government that or they’ll be spraying insecticide all over the woods!

quick quick, run around screaming with your hands in the air!!!

Think of the children:

ahh cape breton. by what q104 news said this morning, another attack. apparently coyotes will muckle onto your head while sleeping in the wilderness.

I wonder how much food was in the vicinity of the person who was attacked.

if there was food around, the coyote would’ve taken the food first i think. they’re an opportunist type of animal, no sense struggling for food if an easier choice is present. they’re presently hunting for the animal in question, maybe the animal will give them some answers when they catch it. (lol)

It was a matter of time until they had a serious coyote problem in the Highlands Park - I mean a human problem. A few years back I watched people in a trail head parking lot try to hand feed a coyote and taking pictures. I couldn’t believe it. After that person got bored of it the coyote then went begging to other cars expecting (demanding?) food from humans. No fear whatsoever. We started this problem…