Crank/sprocket spacing issue

I’m installing a new bashguard with top guide and it appears that my sprocket is too far away from the BB to allow the guide to go on, in looking at my mounting, it appears the piece that my sprocket actually bolts too, may be too thick for this setup. Picture attached. For now I’m running it without the top guide, so I still have the bashguard, however I’d like to run this properly. I suppose the piece that mounts the sprocket to the crank is not interchangeable, so I’m looking at a new crank set maybe? What are your thoughts?

What guide is it?

It should have come with a pile of washers that you use as shims to push the guard outwards.

You can move it out quite a far way, there’s lots of thread of the mounting bolt sticking out from the icsg mount.

That’s the problem though, there’s four small protrusions from the crank that won’t allow me to move it any closer. If you see in the image they are over the collar for the BB.

Suppose I’ll take it back off and see if I can perhaps grind those off.

Is your chain ring on the wrong side of the spider? Can you take another picture?

I’m thinking this may be a 2x setup that PO had made 1x? So there’s four lower holes there for a smaller inner ring.

BMX bikes aren’t this complicated so learning as I go haha.

Answered my own question, it’s meant for 2-3 rings by my research. Will cut the lower portion off and space out my bashguard.

Put the ring on the other side of the spider. Those cranks were designed to run 3 rings (or two and a Bash), and your guide is probably designed around a 2x set up. This will move the ring closer to the guide and hopefully give you the clearance you need.


This :point_up:

You can see that the chain line is all out of whack because of that too. Put the chain ring on the inside of the spider, and possibly grind down the granny ring mounts and you should be good.

10-4 that’s the plan, thanks gents!

Edit: that worked well, cheers!