Crazy bike ads

As kind of a past time I like to check out the kijiji bike ads, sometimes you find a great deal and sometimes you find some crazy stuff with wild claims. My personal favorites are department store bikes repainted with major bike brand stickers but there’s lots of other great ads for a laugh.
I just saw this one the other day, buyer beware: … Z461328760
The seller claims “handles great on the trail”…check out the alternative front for setup!

Ad taken down… :expressionless:

That was quick…I was looking forward to that.


too bad, it had a Manitou fork mounted backwards so the arch was in front like the majority of forks thus putting the offset dropouts facing the wrong way. It made me laugh out loud. The custom steel or (maybe aluminium) bar that replaced the rear shock was a nice feature too. if you missed it don’t worry there will be others!

Worst excuse for selling a bike ever. … Z461512530

Not a bad deal though… :sunglasses:

too much. I’ve seen people with regular forks mounted backwards as well.

Thes crazy adds never last long, you should grab a screenshot and post the picture instead of posting a link to the add.

$1000+ 2004? Norco Bushpilot?

Supercycle carbon fibre?

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I love the carbon welds around the head tube… :lol:


Hahaha I saw that on there yesterday

lol this is priceless… keep it coming guys

I wrote the guy about his supercycle carbon frame, asking him how they welded the carbon and why they painted “aluminum” on the chainstays lol


The newest frame technology, carbon (stickers) and steel?

It is hard to tell from the pics, but the components on it date it to a point that it could very well be a steel lugged carbon tubed frame. Some of the first carbon bikes had steel lugs because the carbon tech was not advanced enough in the bike industry to create the whole frame from it.

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But hey’s it’s negotiable!

[quote=“riderx”][attachment=0]bike ad.jpg[/attachment]

But hey’s it’s negotiable![/quote]

Seems legit.

The selling feature for this bike is tire width of all things…

[quote=“bent6543”]The selling feature for this bike is tire width of all things…

Also note the insane use of [size=150]double[/size] disc breaks… :sunglasses: