Crazy bike ads

Cannondale steel? and possibly a new wheel size setup, 700c rear, 26" front?

"Lg chromoly Cannondale frame set up for internal hub gearing. It would make a nice touring, mountain, trail or cyclecross bike. Has MOZO forks that are clean, straight and in good working order and a Tranz X suspension seat post.
Also included are front and rear fenders not shown in photos.
open to offers "

upgraded with questionable assembly…

Here’s another nice one… … Z537127584$T2eC16NHJIgFHR-NehKmBSbDcDr(,!~~48_20.JPG

Thats just newfoundland…

Prototype Nissan!


“it’s also a prototype” :joy:

Can’t make this stuff up… unless of course you’re trying to overvalue a crappy bike. I always wonder how many of these lies get sold and for how much.




Sick custom paint job

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Id be suspicious of it being stolen if i didnt see the road bike in the background. Still got me shaking my head.

Yeah same, I saw a under 2 year old car at a salvage yard a few weeks ago that was basically totaled because the thieves spray painted every part of the exterior

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