Cross Country Ski

Maybe we’ll keep the 3-pin, and just spring for new(er) planks at some point. And shoes, once mine finally die. Wood screws and silicone spray for the win!

I just started really getting into xc skiing last year and I LOVE IT!

I know a lot of us still ride all season, myself included, and a lot of us snowshoe as well, but does anyone else XC ski? The wife and I enjoy it a lot, even if we just do classic. No skate skis yet, but I sometimes freestyle on my old planks!

Anywho, I’m thinking it might be nice for whoever is going and would like company to post up! We just got back from MacDonald Park, which is groomed even. Also, I might hit up a few unridden in winter trails, or even some entirely new-to-you spots for a slide once in a while, and see where it takes us. We’re not Olympic contenders or anything, so it’ll mostly for fun and fitness. Also a good way to explore the woods a bit faster than snowshoes.

Interestingly, with my ratty old boards, I can traverse brushy marshes like walking on grass with sneakers! Not recommended. LOL.

Post up!

Not a fan myself… something to do with getting severe frostbite on my feet as a lad out for a ski. Plastic XC boots and extreme cold are a bad match.

My old boots are fairly warm, really, and big enough that I can rock two pairs of woolies easily. Those plastic ones seem aweful, though!

I might see if the Missus wants to go out again tonight. I’ll post up if we do!

I’ve got a couple of trail loops pretty much right from my door, usually it’s the whole family, me pulling the bike trailer with ski attachments. We’re traditional/backcountry out for fun type skiers. I’m using some old $5 yardsale 100% wood boards that need to be pine tarred every year. I’m prone to cold feet too but my old leather boots with some big socks and gaiters keep my feet pretty happy.

We’re thinking of hitting up Uniake Estates next weekend, definately more snow up here than in the city. The trails are super fun and there should be plenty of traffic to put down a nice track by now. Just got to arrange some babysitting. I took the ski trailer in there last year, it was do-able but super tight and I had a couple of ‘Oh, sh*t/yeeee-haw’ moments on the downhills. That thing is like steering a horse and cart (with me as the horse) 10-15 foot radius turns only!

I’m craigslisting for some used gear as I type. Snowshoweing is fun, but slow.

I mostly skate ski the nordic trails at Martock pretty much every weekend all winter. It’s awesome.

During the last good snow fall we got, Michelle and I did some Urban skinny skiing down down Wolfville! It was crazy. Skiied in and around acadia, on unplowed roads, sidewalks, down big stair sets, even tried to ski the skate park. Good times!!

So i found a whole set of gear for 65 bucks but its the old 3 hole system. I was told they’re frustrating and useless. Thoughts?

We have three pin. It works, but there’s nothing out there for it. It’s like having a 26" MTB with rim brakes, nameen?

We are waiting to hear back on a price on new gear with SNS, (A Saloman standard), as we don’t want to keep looking for boots at Sally Anne or on garbage day.

I use 3 pin, it’s all I’ve ever used, works fine for me. It’s pretty simple stuff, not much to get packed up with snow or ice and easy to clean out if it does. I think your choice of gear depends on the use and to some degree your mental bias on using cheap/outdated sports gear. If you just want to go out and ski classic for a couple of hours, 3 pin should be fine. If you’re going to be skate skiing or trying to beat someone in a race you’ll want some modern gear. I find for classic xc skiing it’s more about technique and tuning (if you use waxable skis) than what gear you have. Hell I even use bamboo poles and it doesn’t slow me down any.

I managed to stockpile some sets of skis from yardsales over the years for next to nothing to have some replacement parts if I ever need them. Boots are out there, they often come up on ebay brand new for pretty cheap. Mine are high cut, above the ankle and are much better for support than the common low cut versions.

My wife upgraded to NNN bindings and boots. Sometimes she has trouble getting into them if there’s snow or ice in the mech and it can be tough to clean out the little tiny gap. The big advantage that I can see with the modern stuff is rigidity, both in the connection of the boot to the ski and in the support the boot offers. Modern boots are much better for insulation (except maybe the racing stuff). That’s my $0.02.

Not being able to edit comments is lame, anyway the comment I made about “mental bias on using cheap/outdated sports gear” just to clarify, was refering to a proverbial ‘you’ not anyone in particular. You know some people can’t have fun on cheap/old stuff; always blaming their gear for their perceived poor performance.

With the updated forum, everyone will have the ability to edit comments.

Their own comments that is, not someone elses’…

Bent, now that you mention that, I wonder if we SHOULDN’T keep our 3-pin stuff… I wish the market wouldn’t dictate what we can get. I won’t buy online unless it’s the only way to get something, so without looking around online, it would seem nobody sells three pin stuff anymore. Made me wonder, though, why backcountry skiers still use it? Packing in with snow would be a pain, as the wife and I like to make fresh tracks on ungroomed trails. Well, back to my seller I’ve been emailing… Maybe not so sure on SNS.

Yeah 3 pin is like the 80’s 10-speed, there’s tons around forgotten in people’s garages, sheds, barns and basements. It comed down to being in the right place at the right time to get them. Kijiji does help to some degree with finding the stuff but not too much.

I use 3 pin and it works great. I broke one ski a few years ago (doing jumps)and just used a ski from another set. They don’t match so I am starting a new style. If you have good fitting ski shoes it is easy to find second hand skiis, shoes that fit are harder to find. And yes my ski poles match.
I ride if the trails are good but snow shoe or cross country ski if there is lots of snow. At Spider Lake I xcountry ski on all the trails except for Skull. Skull is too windy and hilly so snow shoes are the way to go.
The main idea is to get out and enjoy, whatever your means of transport.