Crystal Crescent?

I’ve ridden that trail for years. I used to do a loop… follow the inland trail past the lookout on top of the hill to where it comes out on the coast, and then follow the coast trail back. Last time I took the inland trail, though it was really growing in and getting boggy. A go-around a really wet section was full of downed trees from Hurricane Juan, so the inland trail past the lookoff isn’t worth doing anymore.

I haven’t followed the coast trail past the first set of rocks (just beyond the nude beach) for probably 3 years. That section had awesome sections, and some boggy not-so-awesome, getting worse the further from the beaches.

I usually start the trail from the little parking area at the side of the road along East Pennant Road. Normally, to get to Crystal Crescent Beach, when you pass the radio towers, you turn left at East Pennant Road, and then left again at Sambro Creek Road. Instead of the second left, continue on East Pennant Road, and just to your left, you’ll see a little parking area. I use this entrance because I got locked behind the gate at the beach one time, when my ride ended after dark.
Walk in past the boulders (intended to keep the ATV’s out), and you’ll see the trail. This section of trail is really getting grown in. I was probably the last person to cut the trail back, and that was probably 3 years ago. A couple of mountain bikers who shall remain nameless (this is a provincial park after all) have started to cut this trail back again, but it needs lots more work. Follow this section, and you’ll get to another set of boulders. The trail on the left is the end of the road into the beach. If you want to skip the grown-in section, get on the trail here. Keep following the trail (some nice fast downhill riding here), and you’ll come out on the crusher dust trail. Immediately to your right, you’ll see a trail that leads up a hill. This is the start of the inland trail. Again, the initial part is grown in and needs to be cut back. There are a few boggy sections that you’ll have to walk past, but there’s an old World War 2 lookout post at the top of the hill, that is well worth visiting for the view. Keep following the trail until you see the grove of trees at the top of the hill. The lookout post is at the end of the grove of trees on the ocean side. Like I say, it’s probably not worth following the inland trail, so you’re better off going back down the hill. Turn right and you’re on the crusher dust trail that leads past the nude beach. Once you get up on the rocks past the nude beach, look to the right, and you’ll see a trail that leads into a little swampy section. Carry your bike past that, and you’re on the coast trail.

I went for a little hike here last night, futher than the first time I went. Looks like some fun riding, Whopper/Fight style. Anyone ride much of it?

Crystal Crescent beach? If so I am told that there is a lot of riding in there… just not on bikes.

Well, waaaay up beyond the beach. I might ride it this weekend and check it out.

Don’t forget your lube! :wink: