Current Trail Conditions

I didn’t encounter any but my walk didn’t cover everything. Will probably try with a bike next visit.

9 Mile River Trails are in great shape! At the moment bone dry, with the exception of a few spots… Hemlock Cathedral Loop has 3 wet areas (that includes the area that runs along the marsh) it’s still good for riding thou :slightly_smiling_face:.


Empire Trails in Gore have opened up Except for Ravine and River Run. The trail crews have been very busy this spring and have some big plans for this Summer. Ravine still has some drainage work to do and River Run, is…still River Run.


A piece of the metal mesh on the bridge at the beginning of Super Secret Singletrack was sticking straight up this morning. I bent it back down and under the wood so it isn’t sticking up, but it looked like someone did it intentionally - so use caution.


Some roofing nails could tack it back down more than likely if any one sees this and passes by there soon ish

Triple Black Diamond Material right there.

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Did Clark Kent out to the Sarah Dr entrance to Orange Jelly and back again on Saturday as well. Awesome day with perfect conditions.


Spent 9am to 3:30pm Sunday in the Duck N Run area.
DnR looks great but dry. Creeks are low. We need nice gentle rain. I sound like a farmer.

Our main task Sunday was to pick up sticks, clearing the corridor on a 1.7km new trail that moves us closer to Piggy Mtn. If you happen to have been in the area the past week, you may have heard the song of 2-strokes saws, as @adventurer, Andy, Liam and I have put in 30+hrs of combined saw work. Sunday we moved the cuttings.

The Halifax Hares running group came out with a dozen hopping people for an hour+, which powered us through the thickest stuff near the start. Then we kept moving with a smaller group (the turtles? no). Age 18 to 70.

The new “trail” route looks great but a few challenges (aka opportunities) exist at the moment, such as this:

Clearing crew.

All clearing must be completed outside breeding-bird season, which starts May 1.
So, job done.


Gore is so so good right now! Some trails had some realignments done and the improvements are incredible.


anyone ridden Keppoch lately?

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Just finished a couple of laps through the gorge in Kentville. A LOT of work has been done including smoothing out NInja Kitten, classic gorge and a re route of axle creek. Combine that with delerium and it’s hella good.

There are still some tech trails for those who want to test their skills.

Shout out to Trailflow for their work!


There is a tree down along divide between the old entrance and spar, closer to spar.

I did not have a saw to remove it

Thank you. That tree has been leaning for a while. I propped it up once but I kept forgetting to bring my saw.

I just threw my 10 inch saw in my pack. I’ll see what I can do with it tomorrow, if its still there.

Edit:looks look someone already cleared it


Ww was sweet yesterday. Kitchen party was dry and loose in spots


Keppoch is shaping up nicely. East and west summit, glass slipper, big Allen, east of awesome, barbs bypass, chute, noodle, Annie the camel, jump line, pump track, little peak, chicken cougar and the lower part of roller are all open, dry and in good shape. East summit looks like it been raked and/or re-graded. Widow Joe is passable but still lots of brush/branches/derailleur sticks down. pretty much all of the black diamond downhills with the exception of united trail are still taped off. The other blues and greens looked open but I didn’t check them out. Looks like trail flow is doing active work on switchcraft and riverside. Riverside is going to be a whole new beast! The shuttle truck looked ready to rock although I not sure if they’re running it yet.
If I had any constructive criticism it would be that chicken cougar is getting some larger loose rocks in places- can be a bit sketchy in spots for novices trying to build confidence on what I would say is their flagship downhill blue trail-some raking and/or fresh dirt would go a long way.
While the westside trails are unchanged, the character feels VERY different-with the huge amount of downed trees on that side of the mountain. Hats off to all those who cleared the downed trees from the trails-must have been a monumental task. What used to be fairly shaded is now very open with great sightlines as you’re descending. Lots of new green undergrowth sprouting up alongside the trails.


Macintosh was pretty much bone dry yesterday which really surprised me after the rain on sunday the ground must have drank every bit of rain


Pretty sure Kodiak Trailworks are doing the work on Riverside.


my mistake then, I saw a few trail flow trucks camped out there, and didn’t see the kodiak signs I’ve seen on some of their previous projects.
Looks like great work!

Yup. Kodiak is working on Riverside. TrailFlow is refreshing Switchcraft and Skyline, then building a new trail later this summer.